Future Thinking for Social Living

20/4/15 The opportunities for spontaneous acts of making at Miners Court is highlighting some interesting aspects when it comes to the social aspects of crafting and meaning making. The drawing  activity we trialled yesterday revealed a willingness in some participants and a reluctance in others to getting involved. However of those residents that completed a drawing on canvas we discussed the possibility of me working into the drawing through machine embroidery or hand stitching. After lunch resident1 asked me to begin this process for her drawing which she intended to give to her husband as a gift. As I stitched elements she began to thread beads onto pipe cleaner which I then added to the work for leaves/stems. The interaction between us and understanding to create a shared work was a kind of spontaneous collaboration. Through discussing and suggesting and moving through stages of action/recommendation we reached a consensus of shared practice which highlighted the social. This was the main lesson of the day the focus on the social, without using technology and what this might teach us.

Perspectives from other participants: http://kairotic.org/future-thinking-for-social-living-weavecoding-in-sheltered-housing/

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